We managed to get four season tickets, two adult and two under 18 for Aston Villa’s return to the Premiership this season.
If you are an Oxfordshire foster family you are welcome to apply for two, three or all four tickets for a Villa home game.
Contact the OFCA and it’s first come first served so if you want one of the more popular games, be quick!

This is the view from the seats in the North Stand

Hello Folks,
The new Premiership season is nearly upon us and we are able to offer the Aston Villa tickets again. It’s four tickets, two adults and two Under 18s. You are welcome to ask for a pair of tickets or all four for a game.

For those that know Villa Park they are in the North Stand quite high up towards the Doug Ellis Stand side. The photograph shows the view from the seats. Assuming it will be the same people in the nearby seats they are a friendly bunch although the language, like at most football matches, can get a bit tasty.

The tickets are in the form of credit cards and the arrangement is that you get the tickets posted to you by the previous family and then post them on to the next set. There’s generally plenty of time between home matches. If it’s your first visit to Villa Park or you haven’t been for a while we can give you travel advice. 

These are the home fixtures for the season. Please pick your first choice and number of tickets and perhaps a couple of others in case your first pick has gone. It’s first come first served so you wont lose your favourite by having backups. The popular games go very fast. 

Saturday 21/08/2021 3pm Newcastle
Saturday 28/08/2021 3pm Brentford
Saturday 18/09/2021 3pm Everton
Saturday 16/10/2021 3pm Wolves
Saturday 30/10/2021 3pm West Ham
Saturday 20/11/2021 3pm Brighton
Tuesday 30/11/2021 7.45pm Man City
Saturday 04/12/2021 3pm Leicester
Saturday 18/12/2021 3pm Burnley
Sunday 26/12/2021 3pm Chelsea
Saturday 15/01/2022 3pm Man Utd
Tuesday 08/02/2022 7.45pm Leeds
Saturday 19/02/2022 3pm Watford
Saturday 05/03/2022 3pm Southampton
Saturday 19/03/2022 3pm Arsenal
Saturday 09/04/2022 3pm Spurs
Saturday 16/04/2022 3pm Liverpool – TAKEN
Saturday 30/04/2022 3pm Norwich
Sunday 15/05/2022 4pm Crystal Palace

I’m sure you appreciate the times could easily change thanks to the tv companies so it’s best you will be able to make any day that weekend.

We will also be offering Oxford United and Oxford City tickets this season and details for these will be posted soon. These might be better options for younger people that have not yet experienced live professional football, particularly the City games where you are not in one place the whole game and they are offering family friendly attractions this season.

Please send your Aston Villa ticket requests to

Contact Nigel on vice@ofca.info for tickets