We managed to get four season tickets, two adult and two under 18 for Aston Villa’s return to the Premiership this season.
If you are an Oxfordshire foster family you are welcome to apply for two, three or all four tickets for a Villa home game.
Contact the OFCA and it’s first come first served so if you want one of the more popular games, be quick!

COVID update 15th September 2020 – We are waiting to hear from Aston Villa about their plan for tickets in the 20/21 season. It looks like they will operate a lottery for season ticket holders once they allow people in limited numbers. Assuming they don’t charge for games we can’t watch then the provisional plan is to renew the tickets and hope we win the lottery. At least Jack Grealish has signed a new contract so you will be able to watch two English internationals playing for Villa!

This is the view from the seats in the North Stand