Junior ISA / Child Trust Fund

Junior ISA/Child Trust Fund

All young people looked after by Oxfordshire County Council for 12 months or more
should automatically have a Junior ISA/Child Trust Fund opened for them.

Anyone can contribute to them as long as they have the relevant reference number and
Oxfordshire County Council will receive annual statements for the account.

In order to contribute to a Junior ISA/Child Trust Fund:
Request the young person’s unique reference number (begins TSF) or National
Insurance number from their social worker.

Once you have the young person’s TSF or NI number go to the following link and fill
in the Junior ISA/Child Trust Fund Contribution Form.
Select the “Contribute to single account” link
Select the type of payment you wish to make (one off or regular) – You can do both,
for instance, a one-off transfer of money you have already saved for the young
person and a regular ongoing payment request – by filling in each relevant form.

Once you have filled in the relevant online form you will be given the relevant
account details and will need to either send a cheque or make a bank transfer
through your online banking system.

Remember you will need to cancel payments if/when the young person moves on.